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Welcome to Kimmswick Candle Co.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Candles instantly add ambiance to your home. Within moments of lit match meeting wick, the soft flicker flame and gentle scent quickly envelop the room, creating the perfect atmosphere for a holiday party — or a quiet night at home. It's a simple touch that adds a lot.

Scents easily trigger cherished memories of walking in the leaves (or snow), decorating a freshly cut Christmas tree or waking up to something baking in your mom's kitchen on Thanksgiving morning — or any Sunday morning. 

After sampling dozens of scents, we found that we couldn't limit ourselves to just 10 for the launch of Kimmswick Candle Co. We hope you'll find the perfect scent for your home or for gifting to a friend or family member. 

About us

Kimmswick Candle Co. was founded in January 2019 by siblings Jerri Birsinger and Gary Mills, both of whom grew up near Arnold, Imperial and Kimmswick in northern Jefferson County. Both are graduates of Fox High School. Jerri is an optometrist and owner of Arnold Family Eye Care in Arnold; Gary is a journalist in Florida, where he operates a second Kimmswick Candle home studio in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville.

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