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When you buy a Kimmswick Candle Co. candle, you'll help support the City of Kimmswick

When we put out the call in late October to consider joining us in supporting the City of Kimmswick, you did — big time.

After we pledged to donate $5 from the sale of each Kimmswick Candle Company Apple Butter scented candle to the city’s fundraising efforts, our customers snapped up our entire inventory of Apple Butter candles in less than two days. (Thanks!)

So we’ve made more and added them back to our online store.

And in addition to continuing our pledge to donate $5 for each Apple Butter candle sold through Nov. 30, we are expanding our offer to include donating $1 for every pint mason jar candle sold through the end of November at

The City of Kimmswick relies on its annual Strawberry and Apple Butter festivals to pay for city services, city employee salaries and more. Sales tax and other fees collected from the two annual festivals help to fund as much as 80 percent of the city’s revenue stream, Kimmswick Mayor Phil Stang wrote on the city’s website in October.

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both festivals were canceled this year, creating a financial crisis for the city and leading to the mayor to ask the public for donations.

So when you buy any pint mason jar candle from Kimmswick Candle Co., we’ll donate $1 — and $5 for each Apple Butter scented candle — to the city’s fundraising efforts. (Or if you’d like to donate directly to the city, you can do so here.)

Kimmswick Candle Co.’s all-natural, hand-poured soy wax candles make great gifts for family, friends and coworkers. At, you’ll find our signature mason jar candles in more than 20 scents, including holiday and everyday favorites.

Again, thank you for joining us in supporting the City of Kimmswick.


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